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Implementation of a mobile Geographic Information System (GIS) Solution to capture Viticulture and Winemaker assessments with custom backend integration.

Pernod Ricard Winemakers (PRW) is a premium wine division of Pernod Ricard, one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in the world.

Each year PRW employees complete thousands of assessments on vineyards gauging the quality and product suitability. Across Australia, New Zealand and the US, PRW was conducting assessments using pen and paper with manual data entry into their database.

However manual data capture and entry can result in errors and open businesses up to great risk, while taking significantly more time.

The Approach

Knowing they needed a way to improve data quality and overall operational efficiencies, Pernod Ricard engaged…

An important component of the Australian Track Rail Corporation’s (ARTC) culture and values is Safety. As such, Safety related working procedures and processes to support this is paramount. One of these processes is the Incident Investigation Report and covers everything from major train-related incidents to minor office related incidents. For many years, the Incident Investigation Report Process was paper based. This proved to be cumbersome and error prone. The document was passed to reviewers via email, with a spreadsheet being used to record the status and whereabouts of the document as the investigation progressed. In addition, the paper-based process lacked…

BreastScreen SA (BSSA) provides more than 90,000 free screening mammograms (breast X-rays) each year to South Australian women.

Navigating this flow of clients is no easy feat for any organisation. For BSSA, client information, appointments, resource scheduling, internal quality assurance, workflows and the delivery of mammography results were being managed by a Client Information System (CIS) known as ‘BRAIN’. However this solution did not respond to modern business process requirements, and was plagued by a legacy technology platform, workarounds and inefficient internal workflows resulting in a poor administrative, clinician and client experience.

Recognising that their current IT landscape was holding…

Dialog IT - South Australia

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